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Welcome to the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce (GHACC) is a member-focused organization through which members can effectively develop their business and themselves. Since its founding in 1988, the hallmark of the Chamber has, and continues to be: “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” Relationships developed in the Chamber become part of one’s business infrastructure. New friends can be found in the Chamber and some of those friendships will last a lifetime. Members can learn how to grow their markets, supply their business, mentor associates or even find a special mentor. GHACC works diligently to provide benefit to all members, be they new, or long-term.

This growing Chamber provides a forum into which its members’ businesses can fit together in an atmosphere of mutual benefit. Active participation provides multiple benefits including access to the entrepreneurs and management of business and organizations with differing viewpoints and methods that work. An abundance of activities provide networking occasions to create new business opportunities, obtain business referrals, join committees, have fun and enjoy a camaraderie unique to Heights Chamber members.

Just as the “Heights” is known for its uniqueness and historical Houston significance, the GHACC blends businesses, promotes “Buy Local First,” and has often been described as a “not so well kept secret for successfully serving its members.”

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Chamber News

Heights Business Spotlight for Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law

November 30th, 2022|

In 1985, Terry Bryant opened his law firm as a sole practitioner with one goal in mind: help people who have been seriously injured. Over the years, he has been there for victims of personal injury and disaster, including maritime injuries, car crashes, explosions, and serious tragedies. With more than 30 years of personal injury law practice, Terry Bryant has handpicked a team of litigators and support staff with the knowledge and skill to win or settle your case. Their Texas personal injury attorneys have what it takes to get people like you the compensation you deserve. They put their years of experience to work for you every day. At Terry Bryant, they make a [...]

Heights Business Spotlight for JVP Jewelry

November 22nd, 2022|

On any given day, you can walk into JVP Jewelers, shake hands with owner Jack Van Pelt, and know you're getting a fair price and quality work. Jack founded JVP Jewelers in 1986 and came by the trade naturally. His grandparents owned a full-service jewelry store here in Houston called Richter Jewelry Company. Growing up, Jack worked in his grandparents' shop after school and he soaked up as much as he could. "I learned under one of the best master jewelers, the late Robert Rochow," said Jack, owner of JVP Jewelers. "Mr. Rochow taught me to serve people the old school way where we don't cut corners, and I still value those teachings."​ Jack is [...]

Greater Heights College or Vocational Scholarship Application 2023

November 15th, 2022|

GREATER HEIGHTS COLLEGE or VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE:  February 16, 2023 Eligibility: Any senior planning to attend college or vocational school in the fall. Be from one of the following area schools: Heights High, Waltrip, Northside, Washington, Scarborough, Lutheran North, St. Pius X, St. Thomas, YES (Central), KIPP (Central), Incarnate Word, Law Enforcement H.S., Memorial Hall, Houston Heights H.S., New Christian Heights Academy, Gateway Academy Process: Application review by March 3, 2023 and finalist notified by March 20, 2023 In person interview the by the end of March 2023 Winners and schools notified in early mid-April 2023 Winners and schools awarded at the Education Celebration, early May Winners must give the higher education financial aid address [...]

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Member Spotlight

Damon Rogers

Commercial Insurance Agent
Cadence Insurance   

Damon was born and raised in Houston, TX. He grew up in Missouri City, TX where he attended Willowridge Highschool and then attended Texas Southern University. His first job was at Astroworld. Growing up, Damon wanted to be a police officer.

Damon joined the Heights Chamber to continue to build relationships, make more connections to the community and for more networking opportunities. He is a commercial insurance agent for Cadence Insurance and is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston.

In his spare time he enjoys playing chess, attending music venues, traveling and cooking. Damon is married to Kristy and collectively they have six children (and two dogs).

Damon is also the co-chair for the Heights Young Professionals and looks forward to seeing you at their events.

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Member Benefits

Why join the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce? If you own a business or are involved in the Houston Heights, being a member of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce brings you numerous benefits.  Invest in your organization's future and join the over 500 members that already are reaping the benefits.  To begin learning about membership benefits, attend a monthly Member Orientation Luncheon and begin to realize them immediately.

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Donna Torres

Here’s why being on a Chamber Committee expands my business connections.

“Joining other Chamber members on a committee establishes recognition of me for my business and service capabilities. With an opportunity to provide new ideas or input in the planning and staging of Chamber events, I have the occasion to meet and interact with fellow members in different fields. Working together provides an arena for me to expand my skills in areas where I may not have been involved before. Equally important is learning how vital collaboration can be to my future success. The Chamber offers a variety of committees, so there are many looking to grow and add new talent.”


Donna Torres
Greater Heights Business Solutions

Danielle Stewart

Here’s why I put Noontime Networking on my Calendar Every Time.

“I know the Chamber monthly Breakfast Connection is a good networking opportunity but, as a working mom, early mornings can be hectic for me. The bi-monthly Noontime Networking sessions fit my schedule perfectly. I can have lunch, learn about a member’s business, and effectively network all in the course of time I would normally spend just going to lunch. Thanks to the Chamber for serving my needs.”


Danielle Stewart
Historic Heights Living Magazine

Jason Cantrelle

Here’s why I Sponsor a Chamber Event!

“One of the benefits of being a part of the Heights Chamber is the opportunity to promote and highlight my business in a cost-effective way to fellow members. I have found that sponsoring an event brings with it an additional emphasis on my business and recognition of me and my services. I know that members do business with fellow members and getting them to know me and my capabilities better, leads to future business and referrals.”

Jason Cantrelle
Jason Cantrelle State Farm Agency

Members Helping Members!

Our chamber is unique in that our members really do want to see other members succeed.  If you are looking for guidance or information for your business, try reaching out to one of our members.  Our online directory is a great tool to find the business professional that best fits your needs.

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