For many of us, 2020 will be remembered as a year we’d just as soon forget.  

COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic which continues to torment us to this day, will be a new subject in history books that our children’s children will learn from.  

I recently thought “how can I ask our members to renew their membership while the pandemic has devastated our economy?” The answer is clear, “how can I not?” My confidence in the value of membership is unwavering.  We are at the fore front of helping members to survive and move forward.  The Staff and Board of Directors remain focused on advocating for our members and our community.  

I was recently asked if I could discount membership fees.  My first thought was would that also be discounting the value of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce? Instead, we have adjusted to the needs of our members in different ways. 

While hurricanes are a yearly concern for us, nothing prepared us for the pandemic and the chaos it has caused to our families, businesses and community.  When the pandemic arrived, we witnessed nail salons and bars close, airlines and cruises cancelling our upcoming vacations and we were warned to stay home. With the cancellation of events, we thought of new ways to interact with our members and offer new networking ideas to help our members connect with one another.  We evolved with the circumstances we were given and continue to attract new members. We continue to grow and remain strong because of the value our members see in our chamber. 

I am optimistic about the future and about identifying new ways that we can make a positive impact on our community in 2021.  

I greatly appreciate your support and wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season as well as a bright new year.  

Dee Farino