August Reflection

Well, we are off to another great year for the Education Committee! Our first meeting for this academic year will be Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10 am at the Chamber office. Come check this committee out. Great connections for businesses and schools and we have great opportunities for each group, schools and businesses, to utilize their strengths. Businesses, this is an opportunity to reach parents through the PTO’s and organization involvement and/or mentoring of students at all age levels. Schools it is a great opportunity for you to partner with businesses! Last year we made good connections and helped the schools with some of their Fun Run’s, Festivals, Yard Sales, Career Days as well as recognized 36 students entering the military upon graduation and we gave 30 scholarships to help with college expenses. Growth options for all!  This year we have many ideas to incorporate and help our community. Come and become part of this group; you will make a difference!

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair

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