April Petronella

Where to start with this member profile? Well, how about we start with her name, April? More specifically, April Petronella of PetroFox Education. Her name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of April is to “open and blossom.” And she has certainly done that as a dedicated and respected Chamber member. Active in the Chamber for over five year, April has truly lived up to her name through her involvement, volunteering and wanting to help the Chamber grow.

How did it all start? Well Houston was her birth place but she grew up in Bellville, Texas. Now Bellville had it’s good and bad aspects, but according to April, “I couldn’t wait to get out of there, because I was perhaps the most liberal person in the whole town!”
She came to Houston in 1997 to attend the University of St. Thomas and the University of Houston. Looking at her educational accomplishments, April again blossomed by earning a B.A in Liberal Arts, a M.A. in History and topped it off with an M.Ed. degree in Early Childhood Education. Certainly, the credentials of a woman who excelled, but that wasn’t her early original life’s goal. Regarding that she said: “Well believe it or not, I considered a vocation in the religious life and wanted to be a nun as a child.” Contrast that with a first job that saw her as a beer tub girl at Club Blue Planet on the Richmond strip in Houston when it was cool.

So much for finding your way along the way. April’s talents are plentiful, and we can accurately say that because she has worked as a middle school teacher, a community college professor, the director of an art museum, and as the director of an educational franchise. Today she calls on all that experience in her own company, PetroFox Education. April is a professional writer and focuses on educational content like standardized tests and textbooks and digital curriculum products.

Joining the Chamber was a natural for April because as an entrepreneur she could benefit from making connections. Her satisfaction with that decision enabled her to take advantage of the opportunities to volunteer and meet new people, plus, in her words, “drink wine!” Presently April chairs the Member Engagement Committee and has worked tirelessly on previous Galas and the Crawfish Festivals including the parade. In addition, she is on the pastoral council at All Saints Catholic Church and the committee that supports the early childhood center plus the alumni board at the University of St. Thomas.

Her family includes husband, Todd, who is literally a rocket scientist at NASA, and two stepchildren. She enjoys tennis, running, watching bad reality TV and is interested in reading books and articles in the genre of postmodern feminism. It is interesting to note that the birthstone for the month of April is a Diamond, and a Diamond April certainly is. Thank you April, for your on-going support, your dedication to the Chamber and for being dazzling in so many ways.

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