Celebration of education is the theme for this school year!  Each month the Education Committee accepts submissions from every school, all levels, for students, staff and educators who have demonstrated achievement in some way, academic, social/emotional/behavior, attendance, achievement of some kind.  Achievement can be a team, an organization, group or individual.  All schools in the Greater Heights area can be recognized! Each can shine.  As we deliver the certificates we will take a picture and then continue showcasing the school on our website and social media.

Celebration will continue as we continue our honoring of scholarships for graduating seniors.  Applications will be available beginning in November and are due to the Chamber office no later than February 22.  The interviews will be scheduled in March and the announcements will be in late March with a celebration in early April.

Celebration of all students entering the military upon graduation or entering any military academy or going into college ROTC will also be recognized.  Names are needed by March 22.  These students will also be recognized at our Education celebration held in early April.

Throughout the academic year, the Education committee also wants to highlight school activities and therefore at our monthly Education Committee meeting, the third Wednesday of the month at 10 am via Zoom, please bring those to our attention or shoot me an email at rcreibenstein@aol.com

The Education Committee also wants to build partnerships between schools and businesses therefore bringing your needs to our attention will help in locating partners.  Businesses, you may need a new outlet to showcase your business.  There is no better way than to help sponsor events for schools and/or PTO’s.  Schools, you may need supplies or mentors or sponsors.  Again, there is no better way than to reach out to our chamber businesses.  This can be through our committee or attending a Chamber after hours event to get to know our members.

Currently, the Education committee is working with several schools to help with upcoming events, projects at their schools such as re-fillable water stations, and helping with organizing student and parent support.  Let us know, attend the Education Committee.  We will welcome you each and every month.  Thank You!  See you on Zoom! (email rcreibenstein@aol.com to get the link, if you do not have it).