Chairman’s Message 2017-05-02T09:56:03+00:00

Dear Chamber Members,

A key to organizational growth includes personal achievement!  What role do you play in that for yourself and your company? The Chamber can enhance the capacity for you to fulfill your company dreams or take action steps towards them.  Through your involvement we can enhance your achievements.  Let’s see this a little deeper…Dreams are big ideas…and each person has their own way to dream, become creative, or stimulated.  But dreams can be inspired, cultivated and nourished.  If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough!  If you can accomplish them on your own, they are not big enough!  Living out your personal and business dreams takes us on a journey, an adventure.

It takes imagination!  It takes accountability!  It takes encouragement!  Our business is your business…we want to help you succeed!  Treating employees and customers like family results in great relationships.  Why as a business are we concerned about our employees’ dreams?  Achieving dreams addresses the morale and motivation of human capital so your company thrives!  The future of a business, organization, or a team depends on the employees!  Employees who explore their potential as individuals inspire the organization to explore its potential.  A disengaged workforce is the largest factor affecting morale, efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability.

People are the company’s greatest assets that impact the bottom line.  Employees are the first customer.  This year, we will explore ways to build your company, our business…remember, dreams are a bridge between our now and our future!  They build passion, energy, and create loyalty and dedication: a positive work environment!  Appreciation is the strongest currency in the corporate culture; it transforms business: profits rise, turnover falls, complaints lessen, and less sick time is used.  Connecting with one’s dreams/goals in life is important.  “If one cannot be passionate about their own lives, how can i reasonably expect them to be passionate about our work?” (Matthew Kelly, Dream Manager).  The Greater Heights Chamber offers opportunities to help YOU make a difference!  I look forward to meeting more of you this coming year…Let’s Dream what this community can be and let’s build it together!

Cindy Reibenstein
Chairman of the Board