HITS Theatre
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Adam Wagner
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311 W 18th St., , Houston
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(713) 861-7408
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HITS Theatre is a non-profit performing arts school located in the Houston Heights. While learning to sing, dance, and act, HITS Theatre students in grades K-12 learn life skills.
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For 40 years, HITS has been helping students achieve life skills through stage skills, addressing the need for a quality performing arts education while providing a nurturing and affirming environment for young people to learn and grow as performers and individuals.

Educating youth in the performing arts is the primary purpose of HITS Theatre. At HITS we strive to instill in students the four C’s – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. With affirmations and a strong sense of ensemble leading the way in every class, our key goals are to serve our students' personal development and growth as both performers and individuals, while continuing to produce quality shows for everyone to enjoy.

Children who participate in theatre at HITS see their language skills improve dramatically while learning scripts and songs; students with different learning styles thrive in this creative and collaborative environment; and students who are more reserved than others, tend to develop personal confidence. Time and again the staff and the artistic team at HITS are told by the parents of the children we work with, how their child’s grades have improved significantly since enrolling at HITS. For many students, HITS becomes a creative outlet that motivates them to not just do well on stage, but to perform well in the classroom. The motivation and assurance students find within themselves when they discover this nurturing place is the right combination that fuels their confidence and directs their focus on getting an education. For many students, they then see how an education is the key to pursuing their dreams. Students who likely would not have attended college end up pursuing a degree because the door is opened for them at HITS.

Today, HITS is one of the leading performing arts education organizations for youth in the Houston metropolitan area. Classes teach more than learning techniques of singing, dancing and acting. We aim to transform students into disciplined team players, creative thinkers, and confident communicators – important 21st century skills needed to compete in our complex and diverse global economy. While many of our alumni have pursued careers in the performing arts, many more have used the stage skills and confidence they developed at HITS to become successful in various other professional careers, ranging from medicine, engineering, human services, education, legal services, business management and many more.