Six Pixels Studios Houston NW
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Sarah Miller
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4375 Fiesta Lane
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Six Pixels Studios is a creative youth education program offering experiences in Movie Making, Stop Motion, YouTube, Video Editing and Photography, all wrapped around a unique STEAM enriched, story-centric curriculum.
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Six Pixels Studios offers weekly homeschool, afterschool, and weekend classes, in-school programs, summer and holiday camps, private group experiences for clubs, churches, and scouting groups, monthly Kids Night Out special events, birthday parties and more! Classes are broken into age groups, with offerings for littles (5-7 years), elementary and middle school age (8-13), and teens (14-15.)

Our classic Moviemaking course takes students behind the scenes as they learn how to make their own short films. A structured curriculum and creative games build a multitude of skills with carefully designed challenges that teach students how to develop stories, act, direct, and operate the camera. At the end of the course, students will have filmed at least one short movie together and gained memories that they’ll keep forever.

Stop Motion helps students develop patience and persistence, while learning how to carefully plan their projects, manage their time, and execute their ideas. As with our Moviemaking program, Stop Motion students create stories, develop characters, implement the process of studious and carefully controlled movements, and practice camera and editing skills - all wrapped up in short stop motion animation.

Our YouTube Studios classes are for students who want to understand the world of an Influencer, create episodes for their YouTube channel or Instagram stories and creatively share their stories and ideas on social networks. Goals for this experience include episode creation, understanding branding, understanding how to produce short bursts of video, marketing and streamlining their channel, understanding the business side of YouTube and more.

Our Creative Photography experience encourages students to tell stories through the lens. They explore composition, direction, staging, lighting and learn skills that they’ll use beyond the classroom as they snap their way through our course.

Finally, Six Pixels' Creative Mixer course is a mash up of all the experiences Six Pixels has to offer, including film-making, video editing, photography, YouTube, animation art, and more. Projects and curriculum move forward throughout the year, so each class is a new experience with new challenges!