Life Savers Emergency Room II, LLC
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Bridget Williams
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3820 N. Shepherd Dr., Ste. A
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We are a Free Standing Emergency Room providing close to home emergency care by Board Certified Emergency Physicians.
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Life Savers Emergency Room was created to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our community to receive emergency medical care without having to experience long wait times in crowded and busy Emergency Rooms. Since opening in December 2015, Life Savers ER has provided care to over 10,000 patients in their time of need. We are conveniently located just off Highway 249 (also known as Tomball Parkway) and 1960. We partner with our local police department, fire department and postal service workers and believe in the service they provide to our community.

The clinic is unique in that we provide hospital services in our facility for patients who are in need. Most patients would rather avoid the hospital at all costs and we have developed an observation program that saves patients thousands of dollars in hospital fees while allowing them the comfort of receiving one to one care with a team of dedicated health care providers. Our freestanding emergency room features:
Advanced Laboratory
On-Site Pharmacy
CT Scans
24/7 Doctors
Medical Assistants
Radiology Technologists
Life Savers ER also specializes in auto accident care. We take care of patients who have sustained auto collisions every day. We understand the trauma of an event such as this and provide free medical screenings to all auto accident victims. We are even able to assist in the filing/claims process. Patients are able to leave the ER feeling better knowing that their medical concerns are taken care of and that the Life Savers Team is a an active participant in getting them back on their feet.

Life Savers ER also serves as a teaching facility for Remington, Brightwood, College of Healthcare Professionals and students. Our work with students provides patients with additional hands on service and attention while positively impacting the lives of these students.

For any of your emergency care needs, visit Life Savers Emergency Room today!