Pet Wants Heights

Pet Wants Heights
Pet Wants Heights
907 Louise St
Stephen Minton
At Pet Wants Heights, we deliver fresh, quality dog and cat food straight to your door, all from a locally owned business!

I grew up in small town Alabama, but through an engineering degree and corporate life made my way eventually to Houston. It was an interesting ride but I knew that I had not yet realized my passion. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that I began to understand and appreciate the importance of nutrition and its effects on the body. Within just months of eating cleaner, I began to see the positive effects that right nutrition had on my weight, skin, energy level, and even on my blood work. After months of thinking about where I wanted to see myself in the future, I knew the corporate life was no longer for me. I wanted to pursue something on which I could have a direct impact and make a difference within my community. After researching an array of opportunities, I narrowed it down to Pet Wants – a company I truly believe in and trust.

Family means everything to me and without them, especially the inspiration our two four-legged children brought us, the Pet Wants dream would have never been realized. My immediate family here in Houston are my wife, Ariana, who is a native Texan, and our two Frenchies, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. We do want to grow our family with two legged children in the future, but, for now Audrey and Humphrey rule the roost!

I believe proper nutrition is key to overall health and well-being. My wife and I have seen in ourselves the benefits of good nutrition. If this applies to us as humans, then why would it not apply to our pets? And we want to give our pets, who are our family, the best quality of life there is, which starts with what they eat. We have the ability to go to the grocery store or restaurant and pick out exactly what we want (and need), but, unfortunately our fur babies do not. That’s where we, as pet owners, come in, and where Pet Wants can help. Pet Wants gives us the ability to provide our pets with the freshest quality food, at an affordable price, and with a convenient free home delivery service.

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