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Danni Sabota
Danni Sabota is a storyteller, your virtual reporter on the scene. She creates Web site content and blogs, customer newsletters and brochures that explain your business to customers and what’s most interesting about you and the work you can do for them.

Motivated by curiosity from journalism beginnings in business and sports reporter roles, Sabota adapted that storytelling ability into full-service marketing communications work in energy, law, health, economic development, tourism and nonprofits. She has written speeches for former U.S. Presidents and dignitaries, CEOs and entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers, doctors and sales teams. She has delivered messaging for customers, employees, media and public and community stakeholders.

Sabota notices the details and is quick in distilling complex content into user-friendly explanations. Toting a multi-decade toolkit of writing approaches and public relations tactics, Sabota’s enthusiasm for how businesses describe their products and services drives her to develop the best communications approach for your business and customer needs.
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