Name: Christin Dreher

School: Garden Oaks Montessori

Subject: Early Childhood


Tell us a little bit about you? Things you like outside of school, etc…

I love to read, travel, and garden.


Give us an idea of your education passion, can you tell us something of why you chose education…

I knew I wanted to become a teacher for as long as I can remember because both of my Mom’s parents were teachers. I also had younger siblings who I enjoyed teaching when I was young. Now I have been I am in my 10th year of teaching Montessori and my 5th teaching in public school. I am very passionate about teaching children to read. I love it when the light bulb comes on and they are so excited and proud of themselves.



To help you feel better what do you like?  Card, Starbucks, candy, prayer, etc… list as many things as you wish

I enjoy Starbucks,  reading,  praying,  and journaling.


To help you with supplies, what items are you wanting..

I guess the main thing I need for this year is a strong wifi hotspot. I was using my phone to connect last year and the connection was not strong enough. I had trouble hearing my students and they me. I have spoken to my principal about getting one from the district but we don’t know if there will be any left.