Crawfish Bucks are Here!

Buy $100 in Crawfish Bucks Now and Get a Bonus 20 Crawfish Bucks


The Chamber’s Crawfish Festival and Parade will be held on March 2 at 411 West 20th Street. Crawfish Bucks are now on sale and buying them early for a limited time, in a single transaction of $100, has multiple benefits: one, you can skip the long ticket lines, and two, you will get a bonus discount for purchasing early. For buying in a single transaction of $100, you receive an extra 20 Crawfish Bucks which can mean even more crawfish, other foods and beverages. Crawfish Bucks are used for all food and beverage purchases and each Crawfish Buck is valued at $1. The following will be on sale at the festival:



Crawfish Festival Bucks are here!   

Buy your $20 tickets early and skip the ticket line!

Spend $100 (in the same transaction) and get $20 in Crawfish Festival Bucks for Free!

$1 = 1 Crawfish Buck

Crawfish Plate: 20 Crawfish Bucks

Hot Dog or Sausage on a Stick: 5 Crawfish Bucks

Soda:  2 for 5 Crawfish Bucks

Beer:  5 Crawfish Bucks or 20 Crawfish Bucks for a Pitcher

To purchase your tickets in advance, click here



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