26Apr, 2022

Greater Heights Chamber Community Fund Announces 2022 Scholarships!

By |April 26th, 2022|

Greater Heights Chamber Community Fund Announces 2022 Scholarships!

April 2022

This year The Education Committee of the Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the thirty-one students who will be receiving $1000 each towards pursuing their education at the college of their choice. And there were ten students entering the military that were recognized at this year’s event held April 19, 2022, at chamber member, Greater First Baptist Church. The students received a personalized yard sign with the sponsor’s name and logo and chamber name and logo. Each student also received a certificate, and the student presentation will be captured so celebrations can continue through social media.  The event started off with Helms Elementary School having greeters welcome everyone, Nicole Briseno, Isaias Hernandez, Juan Hernandez and Lucia Hernandez. Then Samuel Hernandez from Helms Elementary led us in the pledge of Allegiance.  We had Jae Espinosa, trumpeter from Waltrip Sr. High School and Isabel Espinosa from Black Middle School lead us in the National Anthem.  President of the Chamber, James Montalbano and Chamber Chair, Gene Reynolds welcomed everyone.

The thirty-one scholarship winners are as follows:  Adams Insurance sponsored three students: from Waltrip—Bre Aldridge; from Lutheran North—Ainsley Kinloch and from Houston Christian—Jonathan Chen. Allegiance Bank sponsored  two students: Pedro Gonzalez from Heights and Stephani Rodriguez from Waltrip; Members Trust Federal Credit Union of the Southwest sponsored three students: Gerardo Rubio from Northside, Janelle Naumann from Waltrip and Samantha Fox from St. Pius X; Memorial Hermann Greater Heights sponsored three students: Phillip Cole Jao from Lutheran North, Sophia De La Garza from Waltrip and Lailah Reyes from St. Pius X; Primeway Credit Union sponsored three students:  Evan Hudgins and Isabel Wabnitz from Heights and Kimberly Herrera from Northside; Willie Diefenbach-Jones with Greener Still sponsored two students: Brooke Naumann and Gregory Naumann from Waltrip; The Tom and June Kimball Memorial Scholarship given by Grace Lazure of Creations by Grace sponsored two students: Stacey Garza and Crystal Meraz from Northside; Reibenstein and Associates sponsored Yasmine McCann from Northside; Reynolds and Associates sponsored Heidy Nunez from Northside; Dr. Ann Vermillion Memorial Scholarship given by April Petronella sponsored Maricela Cortez; The Future Leaders of America Scholarship was given by nine people lead by Kimberly Carpenter UH GCSW Intern for the chamber; the nine are Kimberly Atchison, Christopher Bell, Randy Barney, Bobby Blueitt, Kimberly Carpenter, Keyonna Kandy, Ann Hart, Maribel Hurtado and Demetrius Travis.  This group sponsored Je’Fran Butler from Waltrip, and the Greater Heights Chamber sponsored nine: Mary Sun, Briana Tovias from Waltrip, Ruben Maya, Eduardo Rubio, Crystal Agundis from Northside and Daniel Bouffard from Washington and Hannah Nicholas from Houston Christian and Claire Carbajal and Piper Applewhite from St. Pius X. These young men and women will make a difference in their chosen field of study.


The students entering the Military were recognized not only by the American Legion Interim Commander Larry Gutierrez and La Shondra C. Jones, Ph.D. City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Veteran and Military Affairs but also from the Chamber Education Committee with certificates, honor cords, chamber gift and yard signs. The students entering the military life in service to our country are entering the Army: from Heights High School, Bradley Seifert and entering the Army Texas National Guard is Carolina Rosales, from Scarborough High School, Robert Gonzalez, from St. Pius X High School going to Army ROTC at UTSA, Angelo Da Vigo, and from Waltrip, Hector Elizondo and Maria Guzman. Entering the Marines will be Angeles Melena from Northside High School. Entering the Air Force will be from Heights High School, Damien Gomez, and David Pressley and from Lutheran North, Audrey Stanberry.

We also want to thank HEB for their food donations and Dee Farino, with Third Coast Printing, along with the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work Interns, Cynthia Newson, Rhiannon Johnson, Evelyn Vasquez, Leiza-Francis-Siebert and Kimberly Carpenter for their contributions! Cynthia Newson and Rhiannon Johnson reflect  “Education has a value that sometimes cannot be quantified.  If you ever doubt your journey look within instead of looking outside.  Deep inside your heart lies answers to all questions of life, no one else but you, and your thoughts will keep you afloat in strife.  Keep working hard, and focus on your long-term goal.  It’s not the excuses that count, but the fire in your soul.”–author unknown while Kimberly Carpenter’s heart encourages everyone to follow your dream!

As chair of the Education Committee, I hope you will take the time to congratulate seniors this year. Thank you for the sponsors for stepping up and making this year’s recipients have a personalized celebration!

Thank you

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair

15Feb, 2022

Education Recognition January 2022

By |February 15th, 2022|

The Greater Heights Chamber Education Committee’s Recognition Program

January 2022

It is a pleasure to recognize educators and students in the area and each month, the Education Committee from the Chamber takes the opportunity to let the area know the great things happening.  Each month different Chamber businesses help with that recognition through their contribution to the Community Fund, a tax-deductible donation. Their donation goes to help with this program and for the honoring of the scholarships and students going into the military upon graduation.  Considering becoming a donor!  Get the experience of honoring areas students and educators!

This month honoring Highland Heights Elementary is Creations by Grace, a chamber member and active on the Education Committee. 

Coach Leslie Barnes has had many challenges over the last year, but he continues to push and give his all to the students and staff at Highland Heights. He is a great team player and willing to go the extra mile to ensure all is well. No matter the task, he is ready and willing to help.

Mr. William Bundy is a dynamic teacher, staff member, and supporter. He is always willing to help in whatever capacity is needed. Mr. Bundy strives very hard to assure Highland Heights 3rd graders meet mastery. He has created an atmosphere conducive to student success and willing to give all for the sake of his students.

Mrs. Dorothy Trahan is the go-to person on the campus. Her specialty is technology, but she does so much more. Mrs. Trahan creates, and designs campus bulletin boards, caters to meals for campus events, decorates for events, and is always willing to fill in when and where necessary. She is impressive and wholeheartedly dedicated to the work, staff, and scholars.

And the Students:

Tyler Sheppard, 1st grade, has improved tremendously during the 2021-2022 school year. He is demonstrating good choices and a good charter.

Karter Freeman, 3rd grade, is an all-around good student. He gets along well with others and is very responsible.

Kelayah Nixon, 5th grade, is a very responsible student. Helpful to classmates and respectful. She is an all-around great student.

Tyler Trejo, 4th grade, has transformed some much from his previous years at Highland Heights. He is more focused, attentive, and involved in his educational process. He is putting forth a significant effort to be the best he can be.


Adams Insurance is the business honoring Lutheran North and Our Savior Lutheran.

From Lutheran North:


Ms. Penny Jones, History Teacher, seeks out ways to recognize students, create harmony and bring joy to every day she comes to school. She takes on other projects and creates projects outside of her classroom to generate a culture of curiosity and learning. Her dedication to educating today’s teenager is contagious as she mentors new teachers and works with administration. She is a true professional who makes each and every day a “Great Day to be a Lutheran High North Lion!”





And students:


Kirstan Hawkins, 9th grade, as Student of the Month

Maddison Penn, grade 11, Upper Classman Student of the Month.






At Our Savior Lutheran:

Trina Caudill, Early Childhood Administrative Assistant, for her continued dedication to helping things run smoothly with grace, patience and a smile.  She serves the children, families and staff!

And Students:

Bradley Collins, 7th grade, for Great Involvement in Literature

Felix Skiff, 6th grade, for Outstanding History Student of the Month

Soaring Eagle Awards:

6th grade-Emelia Hamin

4th grade-Harrison Fowler

3rd grade-Sophia Williams

1st grade, Holly Crabtree

All of the Soaring Eagle Awards exhibit patience, kindness and goodness!


Memorial Hermann Greater Heights is the business honoring St. Pius X High School. 


Iris Spells, Counseling Assistant for dedication to the students

Jerry Hornsby, Dean of Students, for going above and beyond! Thank you.

And for student

Vincent Burns, 9th grade, for being an Amazing Freshman and an All Star Student!




Primeway Federal Credit Union is the business honoring Heights High School and Northside High School. 

From Heights:

Mr. White, Librarian, is an outstanding advocate for our student’s growth in ways that go well beyond his library duties. He is our IB Extended Essay supervisor, he sponsors the Interact club, Comic Book Club, Blockchain Club, and the Entrepreneur Club. He is enthusiastic about connecting our students to opportunities that make not only themselves better, but also their communities. We are very lucky to have Mr. White on our campus. He is dedicated to educating our staff, our students, and our community!

Ms. Bagos, Dean of Instruction, for her tireless work to make the school run well

Ms. Hudson, Counselor, for Working day and night for our kids.  She knows them and pushes where needed, offers help, and goes way beyond the job description.

Ms. Cuellar, Clerk, for Keeping an eye on the school, mitigating parent interactions, directing calls, solving problems if possible before they come to the administration

Ms. Isenhower, Registrar, for Amazing attention to detail, helping our kids get their credit so they can leave and do great things.

From Northside High School:

Louisa Meacham, English Teacher, Department Head, for Always going above and beyond in every way.  She is school leader, teacher mentor, and safe harbor for students. Her classroom is a place of deep learning and connection. Naomi Guerrero, Student Information Rep., Being a dedicated team member of Northside HS. On top of managing student data

Ms. Guerrero handles constant additional projects and assignments with quality work, a positive attitude and a smile.

Lindsey Baccari, English Teacher and Yearbook Sponsor, for Working tirelessly to promote school pride and culture through her yearbook activities and being an awesome English teacher

Sabrina Guillory, School Nurse, has been our guiding light and protector in these uncertain times.  She is under incredible stress but always works with the students and adults on this campus with patience and compassion.


**Each month schools from the area give us who they want to recognize!  It is a great way to boost morale, give encouragement and recognize effort!  Each school, elementary through high school can submit the names of students, staff, and educators.  If you have a submission, just email me the school, name of person being recognized and what they are being recognized for. Send it to me by the end of the month; email is

17Jan, 2022

Education Recognition December 2021

By |January 17th, 2022|

The Greater Heights Chamber Education Committee’s Recognition Program

December 2021

Thank you to PrimeWay Federal Credit Union and Members Trust of the Southwest Federal Credit Union for sponsoring these amazing educators and students. 

From Northside High School:

Principal’s secretary, Rosa Giron, for her organizational skills in managing all the paperwork and hospitality along with holding the students to a high standard!

Ms. Caroline Marney is the Special Ed. Dept. Chair and she goes above and beyond to support students, creating a sensory room to aide in the regrouping and growing academically.  She also sponsors the breakdancing club!

Mr. Rodrigo Vasquez, Senior Plant Operator; he keeps the building running smoothly and assisting with a smile on his face.


From Our Savior Lutheran:

Athletic Director and Assist. Principal, Jeanne Lunsford, for her dedication to the OSL staff, scholars and families.  Her tireless efforts create amazing experiences for the community.

OSL recognizes the following students:

Joshua Cantu, 8th grade, for his Top Performance New Latin Student

Charlotte Horton, 8th grade, Most Improved Latin Student

Aryana Reyes, 6th grade, for being the Latin Student of the Month and Spelling Bee Champ

Abigail White, 7th grade, Spelling Bee Runner-up.



From Lutheran North High School, we have students:

Xandor Garcia 10th grade, Underclassman of the Month

Audrey Stanberry, 12th grade, Upperclassman of the month.



From Booker T. Washington High School:

Principal, Dr. Carlos Phillips, for his continued leadership and support of the Wraparound Specialists and events that support the students and community

Vernon Jordan, Wraparound Specialists for his outstanding student and family support, connecting community partners and building the feeder specialists.  With the recipients we have Chamber Intern, Cynthia Newson.



From Burrus Elementary School:

Principal Ms. Williams, for her outstanding leadership and buy-in to the Wraparound Services

Meghan Duplechain, Wraparound Resource Specialist, for her outstanding commitment, compassion and dedication to the community and students.



From Highland Heights Elementary:

Principal Ms. McKinney for her leadership, collaboration and support of Wraparound Services

Brendella Chavis, Wraparound Specialist for her outstanding service delivery, tireless efforts in supporting the student and family needs.




From High School Ahead Academy:

Principal, Mr. Flowers, For his ongoing leaderships and Support to our Wraparound Services

Shameka Luke, Wraparound Resource Specialist, In Recognition of your Outstanding Wraparound Service Delivery, Tireless Efforts and Constant Support to your students.

Accepting for Ms. Luke is Ms. Booker.





From St. Pius X High School:

Chris Hernandez, Theology Teacher, for His Outstanding Patience.

Michelle Broussard, Curriculum Coach and Math Teacher for her hard work.

Angela Washenfelder, Theatre Teacher, for her creativity.

John Kaylor, Spanish Teacher, for His dedication in teaching.

Rachel Wore, Principal, for her Outstanding Leadership.

Ollie Bollerin, 11th grade, for National Honor Society tutoring.

Sara Paniaqua, Outstanding Freshman.

Arden Dabney, 12th grade, School Spirit

Cole Hatem, Outstanding Sophomore

Kendall Teeter, Well-Rounded Freshman.













***Each month schools from the area give us who they want to recognize!  It is a great way to boost morale, give encouragement and recognize effort!  Each school, elementary through high school can submit the names of students, staff, and educators.  If you have a submission, just email me the school, name of person being recognized and what they are being recognized for. Send it to me by the end of the month; email is

21Dec, 2021

Greater Heights College or Vocational Scholarship Application 2022

By |December 21st, 2021|


DEADLINE:  February 22, 2022


  1. Any senior planning to attend college or vocational school in the fall.
  2. Be from one of the following area schools: Heights High, Waltrip, Northside, Washington, Scarborough, Lutheran North, St. Pius X, St. Thomas, YES (Central), KIPP (Central), Incarnate Word, Law Enforcement H.S., Memorial Hall, Houston Heights H.S., New Christian Heights Academy, Gateway Academy


  1. Application review by March 8, 2021 and finalist notified by March 15, 2021
  2. In person interview the by the end of March 2021
  3. Winners and schools notified in early mid-April 2021
  4. Winners and schools awarded at the Education Celebration, early May
  5. Winners must give the higher education financial aid address and student ID by June to the chamber so monies can be sent.; if you notify us later we hope to have it filled for you by the fall semester; the earlier you give it to us, the
  6. You must attend the Education Celebration.

The scholarship check is made out to the institution upon verification of enrollment. Notification of the winner of the scholarship is in May and recipients are honored at the annual Education Celebration.


14Dec, 2021

Education Recognition October, November 2021

By |December 14th, 2021|

The Greater Heights Chamber Education Committee’s Recognition Program

October, November 2021

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights recognizes the following individuals:

Lindsey Warneke, Educator (Lutheran High North) for her Outstanding Attitude, always willing to go above and beyond to help students understand.

Julie Bennett, Educator (Lutheran High North) for being a great resource and advocate for their needs.

Connor Walker, Student (Lutheran High North) Upper Classman of the Month for October.

Mitchell Stephens, Student (Lutheran High North) Under Classman of the Month for October.

Cheryl Straker, School Secretary (Our Savior Lutheran) for Employee of the month for October.

Samuel Adams, Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for Outstanding Achievement in Latin in October.

Clementine Wells, Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for Outstanding 1st year Latin Student

Varsity Soccer Team (Our Savior Lutheran) for placing 1st in the Lutheran Athletic Conference in October.

Gwendolyn Younger, Student (Lutheran High North) Underclassman of the Month for November.

Molly Fox, Student (Lutheran High North) Upper Classman of the Month for November.

Mrs. Tammie Wright, Educator at Student Success Center (Our Savior Lutheran) for being excellent in her unique instruction for the students with unique needs in November.

Summer Morrissey, 7th grade Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for Outstanding Performance in Cross Country State Meet in November.

Abigail White,  7th grade Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for Outstanding Latin Students in November.

Christian Richards, 5th grade Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for Outstanding Latin Students in November.

Elizabeth Termina, 6th grade Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for the Soaring Eagle Awards in November.

Remington Sjolund, 4th grade Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for the Soaring Eagle Awards in November.

Jax Dacus, 1st grade Student (Our Savior Lutheran) for the Soaring Eagle Awards in November.

Buddy Jones, Educator (Garden Oaks Montessori) for serving as Team Lead for the Upper Elementary, to provide meaningful support and rapport among the group.

Members Trust of the Southwest recognizes the following individuals:

Darrel Carouthers, Director of Facilities (St. Pius X High School) for going above and beyond.

Simon Keating, Director of Technology (St. Pius X High School) for his dedication to the faculty.

Amir Selimen, Educator (St. Pius X High School) for his spiritual, positivity – Mr. SPX.

Marco Crow, 12th grade Student (St. Pius X High School) for Academic Determination.

Sandra Reyna, Educator (Northside High School) for her successful juggling being an English teacher and leading the dance team — she instills pride and a sense of belonging.

Jakasha Richardson, Kitchen Team Leader (Northside High School) for being flexible and working to ensure the students are fed.

Ruben Chavez, Clerk (Northside High School) for working tirelessly to support students, hosting fundraisers and founding the PTA on campus and securing support to clean up the baseball field.

Ms. Martin, Educator (Marshall Middle School) for her organizational ability to teach, be involved in afterschool clubs and collecting food for the students.

Ms. Ramirez, English Teacher (Marshall Middle School) is awesome in the way she gives meaning to the reading and writing opportunities as well as the way she builds rapport and relationships with students and their families.

Mr. Ramos, Guitar and Choir teacher (Marshall Middle School) showcases student’s abilities, participates in all events and runs the school’s website and social media.

Dr. Pelton, Asst. Principal (Marshall Middle School) is instructional leader with a calm and positive nature while attending to all the lunch and dismissal duties and he is very motivational with the staff.

Jennifer Gonzalez, Kindergarten teacher (Helms Elementary School) for her positive attitude as she transferred levels.

Dr. Wendy Morales, 5th grade teacher (Helms Elementary School) for her dedication to have students learn, not memorize, with a great emphasis on comprehension.

Maria Coffey, Culture Enrichment and 3rd grade (Helms Elementary School) for her willingness to assist, step in, no questions asked.

Sharon George-Rios, Art Enrichment Educator (Helms Elementary school) taking on the role to visually enhance the campus, such as painting the old lockers.

Christopher Melgar, 2nd grade Student (Helms Elementary School) for his exemplary behavior and grades.

Lena Peche, 2nd grade Student (Helms Elementary School) for her exemplary behavior and grades.

***Each month schools from the area give us who they want to recognize!  It is a great way to boost morale, give encouragement and recognize effort!  Each school, elementary through high school can submit the names of students, staff, and educators.  If you have a submission, just email me the school, name of person being recognized and what they are being recognized for. Send it to me by the end of the month; email is

12Oct, 2021

Education Recognition September 2021

By |October 12th, 2021|

The Greater Heights Chamber Education Committee’s Recognition Program

September 2021

Primeway Federal Credit Union recognizes the following students:

Eduardo Rubio (Northside High School) for being a great team player and helping to make everyone feel included.

Christopher Garcia (Northside High School) for being a team player and stepping up for his band when positions needed to be changed.

Nancy Mejia (Northside High School) for helping other students with assignments and keeping her group moving in the kitchen!

Gabrielle Rodriquez (Northside High School) for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Volunteerism.

Jasmine Romero (Northside High School) for taking on extra tasks during class and helping to decorate the classroom!

Gerado Rubio (Northside High School) for being a fantastic leader for the band and ensuring that everyone is part of the success.

Allegiance Bank recognizes the following students:

Aly Bijani (St. Pius X High School) for Excellence in Community Spirit!

Arden Dabney (St. Pius X High School) for Excellence in School Spirit!

Recognition of Educators:

Heide Bullich-Erne (St. Pius X High School) is recognized for her excellence in Faith and Science courses.

Kim Holik (St. Pius X High School) contribution is due to her excellence in Student Council.

Lindsey Warneke (Lutheran North High School) for her hard work in building relationships with her students so they want to learn and do well in Algebra.

***Each month schools from the area give us who they want to recognize!  It is a great way to boost morale, give encouragement and recognize effort!  Each school, elementary through high school can submit the names of students, staff, and educators.  If you have a submission, just email me the school, name of person being recognized and what they are being recognized for. Send it to me by the end of the month; email is

8Oct, 2021

Celebration of Education!

By |October 8th, 2021|

Celebration of education is the theme for this school year!  Each month the Education Committee accepts submissions from every school, all levels, for students, staff and educators who have demonstrated achievement in some way, academic, social/emotional/behavior, attendance, achievement of some kind.  Achievement can be a team, an organization, group or individual.  All schools in the Greater Heights area can be recognized! Each can shine.  As we deliver the certificates we will take a picture and then continue showcasing the school on our website and social media.

Celebration will continue as we continue our honoring of scholarships for graduating seniors.  Applications will be available beginning in November and are due to the Chamber office no later than February 22.  The interviews will be scheduled in March and the announcements will be in late March with a celebration in early April.

Celebration of all students entering the military upon graduation or entering any military academy or going into college ROTC will also be recognized.  Names are needed by March 22.  These students will also be recognized at our Education celebration held in early April.

Throughout the academic year, the Education committee also wants to highlight school activities and therefore at our monthly Education Committee meeting, the third Wednesday of the month at 10 am via Zoom, please bring those to our attention or shoot me an email at

The Education Committee also wants to build partnerships between schools and businesses therefore bringing your needs to our attention will help in locating partners.  Businesses, you may need a new outlet to showcase your business.  There is no better way than to help sponsor events for schools and/or PTO’s.  Schools, you may need supplies or mentors or sponsors.  Again, there is no better way than to reach out to our chamber businesses.  This can be through our committee or attending a Chamber after hours event to get to know our members.

Currently, the Education committee is working with several schools to help with upcoming events, projects at their schools such as re-fillable water stations, and helping with organizing student and parent support.  Let us know, attend the Education Committee.  We will welcome you each and every month.  Thank You!  See you on Zoom! (email to get the link, if you do not have it).