3Aug, 2017

August Reflection

By |August 3rd, 2017|

Well, we are off to another great year for the Education Committee! Our first meeting for this academic year will be Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10 am at the Chamber office. Come check this committee out. Great connections for businesses and schools and we have great opportunities for each group, schools and businesses, to utilize their strengths. Businesses, this is an opportunity to reach parents through the PTO’s and organization involvement and/or mentoring of students at all age levels. Schools it is a great opportunity for you to partner with businesses! Last year we made good connections and helped the schools with some of their Fun Run’s, Festivals, Yard Sales, Career Days as well as recognized 36 students entering the military upon graduation and we gave 30 scholarships to help with college expenses. Growth options for all!  This year we have many ideas to incorporate and help our community. Come and become part of this group; you will make a difference!

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair

3Jul, 2017

June/July Reflection

By |July 3rd, 2017|

Another academic year in the books… This year the Education Committee continued to grow in business participation and schools joining the Chamber!  The Goddard School is our newest addition!  We are sad to see Kate Adams, Principal at Arabic Immersion Magnet take a new position but we look forward to a new leader at the school becoming involved with us!  We had a new business join the committee: Zombie Walks… they give out scholarships so look them up! April Petronella is transitioning her new owner of Kumon, Tony Wong, into becoming involved with the Chamber as well. This month we examined ways business partnerships can be built with the school systems… These suggestions are easy to implement and I hope many businesses will incorporate them into their buildings, space, website, etc.  Identify the schools you support in some way (through volunteers, speaking, financial etc.) and post it where the public can see—this enhances the perspective education is important and you are on board! Recognize Teachers, Administrators, and Staff at various schools; offer field trips to your business (a few students to a class) have them view your real world experience (elementary through high school), shopping centers and grocery stores post signs of support of education, teachers, etc….

If you can employ or have an intern do so! Being a role model is very important. Overall enrich the students’ lives with real world experiences! Another note, Nia Moves is now a partner with Center for Success, a teenage residential facility in our area.  St. Pius X is hiring a director for their Cultural Activity International Program and they are in partnership with UT for Engineering in Your World; they also have numerous summer camps—check them out! Houston Community College Northeast Campus is set to open their Acres Home Campus—education continues right in our own backyard! And Hartz Chicken will have a free meal day coming up! Watch for that! We made great progress this past year so recharge in the summer. See you soon!

1May, 2017

May Reflection

By |May 1st, 2017|

We met two great businesses and a new school joined our group! These two businesses have the passion in helping our students and educators.  So say hi to Brannon Lloyd of The College Money Guys; he can help elementary parents in preparing for furthering the education of their children and ways to help not only parents with limited means gain funds to help their children’s education, but also the parents with assets and income.  He has instructional plans, tutoring to prepare for interviews… lots of avenues.  And then meet Amber Autrey with Camp Gladiator!  Their company is exploding with trainers to help us at all levels with fitness, but their passion is giving back to the education system, raising funds for schools etc… So I know you all could use this boost…. Check them out…. The College Money Guys email:; Camp Gladiator is We are also proud to welcome, Katherine Smith Elementary School, Principal is Queinnise Miller, Ph.D. and Parent Engagement Rep. Brenda Espinoza.  They became more aware of our group through Rachel Holcombe, LMSW at Waltrip and from Naro Mak, Our Chicken Guy with Hartz Chicken on Pinemont! Thank you!  Sinclair Principal, Mrs. Abby Taylor made them feel very welcome!

May 18, 2017 is our Education Luncheon at the Brookhollow Sheraton.  We will be celebrating our educators, our students and the business partnerships to help further education and those that are helping the schools at this time. Ed Gonzalez, our Sheriff, will be assisting in the acknowledgement of all these achievements. You can “Make a Difference” by being there!  Purchasing a table, sponsoring lunch for student performers, donating to the scholarship fund, donating items for the educator and student gift bags—“Make a Difference”; we are also recognizing all the students entering the military service or reserves — this day is special.  Please come out and support this luncheon. It is a tax-deductible contribution.  “Make a Difference” in the future of our community, your business!  Support Education!

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair.

30Mar, 2017

April Reflection

By |March 30th, 2017|

The Catwalk to Success Fashion Show is April 29 so let’s see which school wins the prize for the most attendees and let’s also see which business wins for their support!  In reviewing the end of the school year we all acknowledge that testing is here! Need a job—call April Petronella at Kumon!   Waltrip has WOW meetings on Thursday after school and Teen Mom group as well; these two groups address the needs and dreams of at risk young women. Heights High School has a Community Service organization and they are a UH partner for the lighted Bull Dog.   Sinclair has their Yard Sale April 29 …set up and sell your items. Hamilton Middle has their Fundraiser is April 22 with Rides and Festival… need sponsorships and vendors; June is Summer Bridge Camp and need cardboard for this camp…  Garden Oaks has their Spring Fling on April 28 from 3-6 pm, need vendors and Externship week is May 15 and need companies for 8th graders to shadow.

Education Luncheon is May 18 at 11 am at the Brookhollow Sheraton and we will honor high school seniors with scholarships and those entering the military. We also honor teacher of the year from every school along with a Staff Person of the Year and Educator of the Year!  Black and Hamilton Middle school along with Sinclair Elementary and Garden Oaks Montessori will also have a part in making this event special. Get your table now…. You don’t want to miss this event!

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair

16Mar, 2017

March Reflection

By |March 16th, 2017|

The Crawfish Festival enjoyed the students from all over the area involved in the parade to the entertainment!  We also thank many of the students who volunteered their time to help with the set-up and clean-up! Thank you… it means a lot!  So off we go to the next phase of the school year as schools prepare for testing and celebrations.  Our Education Luncheon will be May 18 and we are working on this venue with student entertainment and awarding of scholarships and honoring the students entering the military upon graduation.  Our businesses have a number of great opportunities to help the students serve the community through ‘Service Days’ and through internships.  Northside High School is looking for summer internships for the ‘Rising Seniors’ and Garden Oaks Montessori is looking for three days of non-paid internship for their 25 eighth  graders during the week of May 15.  Black Middle School is having their Color Run on March 31…run that 5K and support education!

We want to recognize the Houston Heights Charter High School that won district Basketball!  Naro Mak can help with school/organization fund raisers! We can all clean our closets and help the area seniors with Prom! Heights High School is having their Prom Boutique Day April 7 and here is where students come and shop for that special day!  Need help you can call Tiffany with Space Savers and she will help you organize your now clean closet! Hamilton is having Math and Science night and Washington High School has 48 engineering students from Zimbabwe from March 20-28 and need help with transportation for them from their hotel to the school. Can you help with money/donation or a vehicle/bus?  Sinclair PTO is having their Auction Night at SPJST on March 24, attend or donate an item to the cause. Hogg Middle will have their Dinner Theatre Murder Mystery on March 24… lots of fun… find a way to help make a difference and we look forward to you becoming involved with the Education Committee.

31Jan, 2017

February Reflection

By |January 31st, 2017|

Please remember that there are so many ways businesses can partner with our schools. Businesses can sponsor events and there are many other opportunities as well. Upcoming events include: Waltrip Montessori has a Service Day to be done in the spring, and service will be a culture of the school. Gateway Academy needs businesses to help students with mock interviews (10) seniors and internships. Student Services is the focus for the spring semester for HCC. St Pius X’s science café program highlights science and needs professionals to present students with facts about science and its ramifications. Student Service Soldiers is a drive during February for clothing and toiletries for homeless veterans.  Reynolds & Associates, a CPA firm is ready to help students understand the importance of finances.

Houston Heights Charter is growing and having partnerships happen for their gymnasium needs, plus they have working partnership for uniforms with T-Shirt Works. Heights High will celebrate their 90th birthday with a celebration. Their Day of Service is coming so many opportunities there. Arabic Immersion holds its Festival, complete with camel on April 22.

HITS Theater – 30th performances at Miller Outdoor have seats for students to see performances on March 30, 31, April 1 or April 6, 7, 8, and sponsors are invited. Northside’s Activism Day was a great success –Social Justice Fair. Chamber member NIA Moves , a fitness studio, offers a program “Love Your Body, Love Your School” which can be a fundraising opportunity because they will give back 20% from a package workout.Washington: February 17 is Engineer Day and needs volunteers.

Women of Waltrip’s at-risk women students are looking for Chamber business women to speak at their meetings. The Chamber Fashion Show is April 29 and the Crawfish Parade deadline is approachingKumonhas education assistance and student work here. The Education Luncheon is May 18. The next Education Committee meeting is February 9 at 10 a.m. in the Chamber offices.

Cindy Reibenstein, Chair

30Sep, 2015

September Reflection

By |September 30th, 2015|

The school year has started and we are on the road to address the needs of the education arena including the student’s health; areas we are highlighting this year will be finances and health of the student and health includes physical, mental, emotional and social health.  If you or your business has an interest in one or more of these areas please come and partner with our schools.  We also need incentives to help each of keep motivated to stay the course and your business may help in that area… So… come out on the second Thursday of the month at 10 am, Chamber Office and join us!  We have all types of businesses involved and we have room for many more so come and join in this committee.

Upcoming for this year we have visions of working on the Community Garden with Memorial Hermann Greater Heights, we have resuming writing and financial health seminars from KUMON in the Heights and Reynolds and Associates, CPA.  We also have the art curriculum for the students and schools from HITS Theatre.  We have an overall community healthcare initiative, focused on diabetes; we will work to engage with Memorial Hermann Greater Heights.  Fit Armadillo has teacher and Challenge packages she is eager to support a group of 5-10!  We will continue to support the schools with their challenges such as locating practice space for Houston Heights Charter or locating partners for the computer tags for Northside High School and Heights High School.  Thanks goes to PrimeWay Federal Credit Union for partnering with Heights High School and funding their computer tags and Thanks goes to Houston Highway Credit Union for funding the computer tags for Northside High school.  You may ask where are these schools—Heights High is formerly John H. Reagan High School and Northside High is formerly Jeff Davis High School.

So each year we have changes and we also have stability overtime.  The Education Committee is a stable force ready to help and address the educational needs of our community.  Come and join and your opportunities for partnership will be readily apparent.  See you next month!

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair

5Mar, 2015

March Reflection

By |March 5th, 2015|

This past month we had a great exchange of ideas and events that are coming up that can benefit many of the schools and businesses that are partnering with the schools for some of their events as well.  Houston Heights has increased enrollment and they are seeing more community engagement.  Garden Oaks Montessori is part of the Home Tour April 23 and Leadership Day is March 24.  Sandra’s Gift Shop has great items for fundraisers and she hosted the Business After Hours on February 24.  Black Middle and Stephens Elementary continue to build their parent engagement focus with increased community involvement.  Washington High School has the Groundbreaking Ceremony for their new school building on April 5!

Hamilton’s magnet program numbers continue to grow and they have the girls day at UT for engineering coming up; Blue Willow’s Book Shop has signing with the author April 2.  St. Joseph’s and HITS partnering with Hamilton to help with instruments for their band and drama needs.  HITS has free tickets for schools for their Miller Outdoor productions and curriculum to integrate it into the lessons – free!  Reagan High School has 12 athletic scholarships with one going to the United States Military Academy!  Waltrip is having their Wellness Fair on March 1 and Memorial Hermann is partnering with them along with Hartz Chicken!  Stephens Elementary will have some art there for all to see!  Memorial Hermann Greater Heights is a supporter of the community and looks for ways to help wherever they can.  Love Elementary is working to enhance their reading program and Hogg Middle School works to bring on more mentors.

The Crawfish Festival is March 5 and the parade begins at 10!  The schools will be well represented.  Come see some art cars and lots of bands.  The Ocean of Soul from Washington will conclude the parade and the Davis High School Band and ROTC will lead the parade.  St. Pius X band, Scarborough band along with many of the cheerleaders from our elementary schools on up will march proudly into the festival and perform on stage!

Education Luncheon is May 17 at the Sheraton Brookhollow.  The theme we decided is “Freedom to Learn” and we will tie this theme to thanking our military service; seniors going into the military will be honored that day along with community veterans and chamber members who are veterans.  Our scholarships will be given out and lots of school entertainment.  But more about that in our next column.  Come and participate in a committee that is on the move!  We meet next March 10 at 10 a.m.

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair