Familiar Faces: Dee Farino

With credit to Journey’s song, “Don’t Stop Believing,” this month’s familiar face, Dee Farino grew up in Elgin, Texas (for the uninitiated, it is pronounced like the word “begin)!” Just a few miles from Austin, she attended all three local schools and remembered cruising up and down the main drag, or getting “gussied up” for the local SPJST Lodge dance.

College beckoned and Dee made the journey to Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos (now known as Texas State University) and majored in journalism. Joining the workforce saw her working in an Austin women’s apparel shop. Feeling the desire to max her major, Dee next worked with different publishing companies, first as a graphic artist and then editor of another Austin real estate publication. Today she is president of Third Coast Impressions and serves her clients with expert printing knowledge and dedicated service.

Looking for better opportunities and greener pastures (Houston, really?) she migrated to Houston and began her career in what was to become a specialization in design, print and mailing services. She says “Houston provided me with countless opportunities that would have been more difficult to achieve in Austin.”

A Chamber member for 12 years, Dee felt the Chamber was a good fit for her and did provide a wide array of networking opportunities with multiple clients. Dee has held Chamber positions on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. In fact, she is the Chair Elect and will assume those duties beginning in October of this year. Although not a gem partner, she describes herself as a “sparkle” partner, and the title is very apropos based on her dedication to the Chamber.

So, what does an “uptown girl” now, like to do? How about reading, sketching, traveling and interacting with people to find out more about their lives, loves and dreams. Known to her family as Honey, Dee has been married for 13 years and has a “smart” daughter and a “handsome” teenage son. Whole-hearted Chamber advocates, of which Dee is surely one, enhance the entire organization and never fail to exhibit a “sparkling” desire to see the Chamber grow and prosper. Thank you Dee Farino for being the consummate volunteer who always raises her hand!

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