Phil Stewart is our featured member for March and his varied and colorful background accomplishments could fill all 20 pages of this publication,, however, we have attempted to hit the highlights and there have been many!  He made his debut on Christmas Day in Houston; yes he was a Christmas baby and a wonderful gift for his proud parents.

He was not destined to stay in Houston because in the following years he was in Tulsa, Boston, Little Rock, Shreveport and eventually came back to attend college at the University of Houston. His other higher education activities involved Louisiana State University, the University of Denver, and he did Post Baccalaureate studies and earned a degree from the University of Denver.

Opting for career variety, Phil started as a cameraman for Channel 26, worked as a rock and roll disc jockey and also built parts of his exemplary career in regional and national sales, in radio, at a magazine, in an advertising agency and in newspaper positions. Today he is Regional Account Director of McElvy Media and representative for 4 different area newspapers. A proud Chamber member, in fact, when he was hired, he was made the Chamber representative, a good move since he has consistently been active in 8 different Chambers across the country.

Certainly his credentials are impressive but there is much more. Phil is Past President of the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston and a Certified Professional Tour guide. In 2016 he bought Discover Houston Tours. Railroading is in his blood because he has held numerous offices for model railroad organizations and is an accomplished train layout builder. In fact the layout he built for the “Houston Passenger Train Operations in 1949” was featured in national magazines, on local television and in newspapers.

We don’t know if all his travels are by train, but he has been to all 50 states and 38 foreign countries. There is even more travel in his family since Leslie, his wife is an international flight attendant for United. Rounding out the family are sons Daniel and Aaron. Catching our breath, we soundly applaud Phil for his diversified successes and achievements and appreciate his comment: “the Heights Chamber is the best!”