The Center for Health and Healing is a Functional Medicine Clinic providing holistic family medical care, bioidentical hormone therapy, IV Therapy, acupuncture and health coaching to help patients with thyroid concerns, hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, general check-ups and more. When others stop, they keep going.

Their team is passionate about helping you find solutions that put your health in your hands. They focus on treating the root cause of illness, rather than simply managing the symptoms. Through a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, their team, lead by Nellie Grose, M.D. and Miiko Rowley, M.D. partners with you in compassion and creativity to develop the life you’ve always wanted.

They use their extensive years of experience in functional medicine to develop a customized plan to treat your unique issues and health history, and they don’t stop until you’ve reached your goals.