Name: Gisela Tanaka

School: Northside High School

Subject: Math (AP Calculus and Algebra 2)

Tell us a little bit about you. Things you like outside of school, etc.…

I am mother, wife, a teacher, and a recent grad school graduate. I have a 5-year-old daughter whom I adore. Lately, a lot of my time has been spent getting my daughter ready for Kindergarten, but when I get some time to myself, I love to workout, read and watch home decorating shows.


Give us an idea of your education passion, can you tell us something of why you chose education…

I graduated from Texas A&M with a Civil Engineering degree, but soon after graduation, I realized that it was not a career I wanted to pursue. One thing led to another and I found myself working as a tutor and I fell in love with education and teaching children. It was not something I ever saw myself doing, but here I am on my eight year of teaching. The main reason I went back to school to pursue a Maters degree in School Counseling was because of my love for educating and guiding children. I have a passion not only for the classroom, but for serving the population that we teach. My goal is to one day (hopefully soon) to serve as a guidance counselor at my school.


To help you feel better what do you like? Card, Starbucks, candy, prayer, etc.… list as many things as you wish

Candy and snacks are always great, but a prayer would be greatly appreciated too.

Any gift card to places where I can purchase school supplies (i.e. amazon, staples, office depot…)


To help you with supplies, what items are you wanting?

For my students, I would like…

-Hand sanitizer

-Lysol spray and wipes

-Kleenex and bandaids


– pencils/pens

-color pencils

– rulers


-graphing paper

-construction paper

– glue

– foam pads

-dry erase markers

– small whiteboard erasers