Gold Patron Profile

Adams Insurance Service was founded in 1947 by Maurice Griffin Adams (M.G.) in a one room office on North Shepherd.  M.G. served his family, friends, and neighbors with dedication and commitment offering “Complete Coverage” for virtually all insurance needs.  Indeed, every renewal was delivered in person!  Integrity, loyalty, service, and wisdom were never common virtues, even in those days, but M.G. was determined to live up to them and pass them on to his son, Norman Adams.

Norman Adams joined the firm in January of 1964 and began learning the business of “customer service.” Today, Norman continues the firm’s rich tradition, and is joined by his son, Andrew (“Andy”) who joined the firm in 2002, and by his daughter, Tracy who joined in 2012. In fact, the trio deem themselves as “the insurance equivalent to local, organically farmed, all natural produce.”

Adams Insurance Service is unique among most insurance agents in that it employs no solicitors.  The new business comes almost exclusively from client referrals. That means the sales team is also the service team.  This policy makes the company accountable to its clients in a way few insurance agents are because the same people service the policies that are sold.

In recent times, many individuals have been blinded by falling premium rates and unknowingly accepted inadequate coverage. Even some brokers have been blind to these erosions. That is not the norm with this Chamber Gold Patron firm; where their recommended and implemented coverages   match each individual client’s needs. The firm is a full-service insurance broker for businesses and individuals, and to quote Andy: “We ride for the brand.” That’s cowboy lingo for describing the commitment they give to their clients and how completely they protect their client’s interests.

With an average of over 25 years in the insurance business, the Adams team is one of the best in the business. The Chamber takes pride in recognizing Adams Insurance Service, Inc. and Norman Adams as a Founding Director of the Chamber. Through the years, their support of Chamber activities and its goals have remained steadfast and consistent. For more information on the company, call 713-869-8346 or go online to

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