On any given day, you can walk into JVP Jewelers, shake hands with owner Jack Van Pelt, and know you’re getting a fair price and quality work.

Jack founded JVP Jewelers in 1986 and came by the trade naturally. His grandparents owned a full-service jewelry store here in Houston called Richter Jewelry Company. Growing up, Jack worked in his grandparents’ shop after school and he soaked up as much as he could.

“I learned under one of the best master jewelers, the late Robert Rochow,” said Jack, owner of JVP Jewelers. “Mr. Rochow taught me to serve people the old school way where we don’t cut corners, and I still value those teachings.”​

Jack is a master jeweler and holds multiple certifications from Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority on gems and fine jewelry. His certifications include Applied Jewelry Professional, Diamonds, Jewelry Sales, Fine Jewelry Consultant, Insurance Replacement Appraisals, Colored Stone Essentials, and Counter Sketching.

To put it simply, Jack knows the jewelry trade well.

JVP Jewelers
2150 W18th Street, Ste 206
Houston, TX 77008