With the long-standing tradition of Texas family ranching in their blood, Co-founders Blake Robertson and Ryan Cade set out with the promise to never compromise on quality or experience when they created R-C Ranch wagyu beef. They saw a need in the market for safe high quality meat delivered direct from the source.

They both have a heart for their local community so they started selling their wagyu beef at surrounding farmer’s markets in Houston, TX. It didn’t take long before word got out about their high-quality family ranched beef. This led to countless partnerships with award winning restaurants all over Texas.

The time has come to bring our high quality wagyu beef direct from our family in Texas to your kitchen table and decided to do so by opening our first butcher shop in the Houston Farmers Market.

Their 3,000-square-foot butcher shop in the historic Houston Farmers Market sells Wagyu from their 2,800-acre R-C Ranch in Brazoria County, Texas, as well as products from like-minded producers that have similar expectations of quality, sustainability, and treatment of animals.

They have just as much of a hands-on approach to the processing and execution of our wagyu meat as their team at the ranch does with our animals.

R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats
2520 Airline Dr Suite B-210
Houston, TX 77009