Name: Ishraaq Choudhury

School: Waltrip High School

Subject: English Language Arts

Tell us a little bit about you. Things you like outside of school, etc.…

When not preparing for classes or working with students, I like to spend my time writing, reading, building Gunpla models, and playing games.

Give us an idea of your education passion, can you tell us something of why you chose education…

I chose to become an educator because I how much I enjoy what English does for it. It gives us a common medium through which we can all communicate and have discourse. What I especially enjoy is having passionate conversations, especially about good reading material. Having nothing but  a good time talking about different aspects of the same story can bring people together and is a great way to share ideas.


To help you feel better what do you like? Card, Starbucks, candy, prayer, etc.… list as many things as you wish

Shipley’s Donuts, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Nobles

To help you with supplies, what items are you wanting?

Index Cards, Manilla Folders, Notebooks, Pens and Pencils, Sticky Notes, Double Sided tape