This month we recognize Justin Lasiewicz who joined the Chamber after a referral from Mr. Rick Ross a SCORE Small  Business Mentor. Why did Justin choose the Heights Chamber? In his words, “I chose the Heights because of its cool  sophistication and artistic appreciation.”

Justin was born in Chicago and grew up between Telluride, Colorado and Pascagoula, Mississippi. Noting his first job, he  remembers shoveling dirt and debris! He is a graduate of the University of Colorado and holds a Bachelor of Science  Electrical Engineering and currently attends the Glassell School of Art.

In terms of coming to Houston, Justin says “Because that’s where the world took me.” Today he is the owner and creative  director of J & H Design Time, a source for advertising and marketing services. Obviously, the J in the company name is  Justin, and the H is his wife, Helia who handles the events. The firm “rocks” at creativity and saves clients time so they can  devote their efforts elsewhere.

Justin holds life memberships in the American GO Association and Mensa. In addition, he is involved in AIGA, Economist, Communication Arts, AdAge, GoodReads and Toastmasters. Speaking of creativity, he enjoys painting, playing a Tabia (musical instrument) meditating and Reading. The Chamber appreciates members like Justin because he has a unique view of life. He says “We’re all given gifts that enable us to better this place, for others as well as ourselves – that’s called a win-win, and yes, it is possible.” We could  not have said it better, Justin and congratulations.