June/July Reflection

Another academic year in the books… This year the Education Committee continued to grow in business participation and schools joining the Chamber!  The Goddard School is our newest addition!  We are sad to see Kate Adams, Principal at Arabic Immersion Magnet take a new position but we look forward to a new leader at the school becoming involved with us!  We had a new business join the committee: Zombie Walks… they give out scholarships so look them up! April Petronella is transitioning her new owner of Kumon, Tony Wong, into becoming involved with the Chamber as well. This month we examined ways business partnerships can be built with the school systems… These suggestions are easy to implement and I hope many businesses will incorporate them into their buildings, space, website, etc.  Identify the schools you support in some way (through volunteers, speaking, financial etc.) and post it where the public can see—this enhances the perspective education is important and you are on board! Recognize Teachers, Administrators, and Staff at various schools; offer field trips to your business (a few students to a class) have them view your real world experience (elementary through high school), shopping centers and grocery stores post signs of support of education, teachers, etc….

If you can employ or have an intern do so! Being a role model is very important. Overall enrich the students’ lives with real world experiences! Another note, Nia Moves is now a partner with Center for Success, a teenage residential facility in our area.  St. Pius X is hiring a director for their Cultural Activity International Program and they are in partnership with UT for Engineering in Your World; they also have numerous summer camps—check them out! Houston Community College Northeast Campus is set to open their Acres Home Campus—education continues right in our own backyard! And Hartz Chicken will have a free meal day coming up! Watch for that! We made great progress this past year so recharge in the summer. See you soon!

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