Mortgage Loan Consultant with Caliber Home Loans 

My name is Elizabeth Perez, but feel free to call me Liz! My 7th grade math teacher started calling me Liz and it has stuck ever since. I recently joined Caliber Home Loans, INC as a Mortgage Loan Consultant and I’m overjoyed with this new chapter in my life.

A little bit about my background…. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas but have been living in Houston for almost 17 years. I have been in the Retail Banking Industry a little over 16 years where I worked mainly as an Assistant Banking Center Manager. In my many years of experience I have become very passionate about helping my clientele reach their dreams of owning their very own home, refinancing to a lower payment to help them save money and even taking cash out of their equity to help pay for their children’s college or a newly remodeled kitchen. I truly enjoy watching the light in my clients eyes when they reach their goals. I am licensed in the Great State of Texas but plan to get licensed in a few other states as well. However, That will be a little further down the road. I have big dreams in this industry along with the hope that I can share in your big dreams as well.