Jordan Bailey

This month we are pleased to profile Jordan Bailey. He grew up in Rockford, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Everyone has an early life goal, and Jordan’s was to be a professional golfer. It was here that he began prepping for a future in golf. During high school, he began at the bottom of the golfing ladder so to speak. This saw him becoming a service attendant. What do they do? Easy answer, he took care of the bag room and golf carts plus shagged golf balls on the driving range.

Moving on, he heard the “Buckeye’s calling. By that we mean, he attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he studied business management. Of course, they are known as the Ohio State “Buckeyes!” At the age of 18, Jordan moved to South Florida to pursue his dream. In these times he worked at golfing organizations in Florida, Iowa and Texas. Even serving as a golf instructor at a golf resort in Jupiter, Florida. While holding a variety of business-related positions, he accumulated a wealth of business experience that would serve him well in his future.

It was on to Houston in 2016 where he held sales management positions at Blackhorse Golf Club and as Director of Operations at Sweetwater County Club. His present position is serving as a Business Development Executive for Sabo Accounting & Tax Service, P.C. and Payroll Vault, a proud Chamber member. Serving as their Chamber representative, Jordan says he joined to: “Develop relationships with local business and not only help my company flourish but help others succeed as well.”

A member of several Chambers and a networking organization, Jordan emphasizes the significance Chambers have served in his career. According to him, the single most important aspect of these associations is; “That they have taught me how important it is to build quality/long lasting relationships.” He cites the fact that Chambers are the best way to build these relationships. Our Chamber is fortunate to have Jordan Bailey, as an Ambassador Committee member and a member that truly knows how to find and create value in relationships among his fellow Chamber members.

In his limited spare time, Jordan appreciates spending time with his many friends, family and of course playing golf. Residing with his fiancé (Jennifer) and Allison (14) and Kaden (11), he enjoys grilling for his family. The Chamber appreciates members like Jordan Bailey, who are always willing to lend a helping hand and help not only his business but others succeed as well.


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