Tricia Gernand

Do you want a relaxing massage with hot stones and aroma therapy? Well don’t visit our featured member Tricia Gernand. Why? Because she is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in medical massage and manual therapies for the treatment of acute and chronic pains-not making you fall asleep and relax. As the owner of Triger Massage Therapy, Tricia takes pride in providing measurable results.

Born in Freeport, Texas, she attended local schools and earned an Associate in Science from area colleges in Brazoria County and in Houston. With an ambition of “helping people,” Tricia brings a wide variety of experience in communications, graphic design and tenure at two massage providers before starting her own business.

In 2016 a fellow co-worker referred her to medical massage with the LMT Success Group and she fell in love with the modalities. Currently she is a teacher assistant and travels to Las Vegas twice a year to help educate new medical massage students. In 2019 Tricia received her massage therapy instructor license and is working on developing classes. In addition, she is studying under a yoga teacher to learn self-care exercises for her clients so their pain-free results can last longer.

Tricia has a multitude of interests and they include live music and dancing, making art and crafting, her very own art car, sewing, graphic design, and trading massages with other therapists. She is a participant in the annual Houston Art Car Parade with her 2010 Scion XD aptly named Alotta Dotta. Coming from a large family, she counts three brothers, two sisters and 11 nephews (no nieces)!

In joining the Chamber, Tricia says: “I wanted help growing my business. I was told by a few folks that the Greater Heights Area Chamber was a great fit for me. Word of mouth is my best referral, and meeting new business owners is an excellent way for others to get to know my business.” We appreciate the friend’s recommendation and are pleased to have Tricia Gernand as a member of the Ambassador Committee and loyal supporter of Chamber events.

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