Name: Marta Priego Alquezar

School: Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts

Subject: School Counselor


Tell us a little bit about you? Things you like outside of school, etc…

In my spare time, I like to hike Texas State parks, I play tennis, swimming, Pilates, yoga. I love going to the movies (not much of that happening these days…) I also love cooking and baking for family and friends. I like travelling overseas and visiting museums and historical sites.

Give us an idea of your education passion, can you tell us something of why you chose education…

I graduated as a child psychologist and a couple of years later I completed a teaching postgraduate course and I became a certified Spanish teacher. I decided to move to education because teaching is such a rewarding profession. I had amazing teachers myself and I thought that becoming a teacher myself would be a way of paying it forward.

Being able to support students through their young years is such an enriching experience. We learn so much from our students. Now, as I transit from school teacher to school counselor, I am hoping to continue serving students in our community and supporting their emotional, personal, social, academic and career development.


To help you feel better what do you like? Card, Starbucks, candy, prayer, etc… list as many things as you wish

I love coffee, fruit juices, smoothies and cakes  J


To help you with supplies, what items are you wanting?

-I would like to get a couple of tablets for the counseling office so that students can used them to complete career readiness surveys. Tablets are very reliable and nowadays students like to use them to research information.

-Yoga mats (6) When we return to in-person education I aim to host wellness – yoga sessions with students that need to reduce stress and anxiety.

-A lamp – I would like a lamp for my counseling office so that indirect light can also be used for yoga sessions.

-World map and nice paintings to decorate the counseling room and make it a welcoming office

-3 or 4 bean bags chairs – Students love them to sit in a relax manner

-Board and card games

-A mirror