May Reflection

We met two great businesses and a new school joined our group! These two businesses have the passion in helping our students and educators.  So say hi to Brannon Lloyd of The College Money Guys; he can help elementary parents in preparing for furthering the education of their children and ways to help not only parents with limited means gain funds to help their children’s education, but also the parents with assets and income.  He has instructional plans, tutoring to prepare for interviews… lots of avenues.  And then meet Amber Autrey with Camp Gladiator!  Their company is exploding with trainers to help us at all levels with fitness, but their passion is giving back to the education system, raising funds for schools etc… So I know you all could use this boost…. Check them out…. The College Money Guys email:; Camp Gladiator is We are also proud to welcome, Katherine Smith Elementary School, Principal is Queinnise Miller, Ph.D. and Parent Engagement Rep. Brenda Espinoza.  They became more aware of our group through Rachel Holcombe, LMSW at Waltrip and from Naro Mak, Our Chicken Guy with Hartz Chicken on Pinemont! Thank you!  Sinclair Principal, Mrs. Abby Taylor made them feel very welcome!

May 18, 2017 is our Education Luncheon at the Brookhollow Sheraton.  We will be celebrating our educators, our students and the business partnerships to help further education and those that are helping the schools at this time. Ed Gonzalez, our Sheriff, will be assisting in the acknowledgement of all these achievements. You can “Make a Difference” by being there!  Purchasing a table, sponsoring lunch for student performers, donating to the scholarship fund, donating items for the educator and student gift bags—“Make a Difference”; we are also recognizing all the students entering the military service or reserves — this day is special.  Please come out and support this luncheon. It is a tax-deductible contribution.  “Make a Difference” in the future of our community, your business!  Support Education!

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair.

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