Name: Norberto Gracia

School: Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts



Tell us a little bit about you. Things you like outside of school, etc…

I love outdoors activities, love to bake and photography. I am very close to my family and even though this pandemic is an enormous factor for gatherings, we facetime each other once a week. We also created a chatroom where we say good morning and good night every day. My parents are in their 80s and they love to see us.  The facetime helps my mom, that suffers from dementia, remember our faces.

Give us an idea of your education passion, can you tell us something of why you chose education…

This goes back to high school were my French teacher had a passion for teaching a foreign language. Ms. Fitzgerald was very attentive and sweet. She loved to teach and made me want to explore the world. She planted a seed in me to have a passion for teaching. I wanted to learn more about other cultures and pass that on to children. I have a passion for cultures outside my own. I love children and have a big heart. Always trying to be sensitive and get to their hearts. I want to be Ms. Fitzgerald on my own way and make that impact on my students.


To help you feel better what do you like? Card, Starbucks, candy, prayer, etc… list as many things as you wish

Card, Starbucks and a Prayer.

I have a box where I thank my higher power, in advance, for all the things I want. Especially health for my family, students, colleagues and their families during these difficult times.


To help you with supplies, what items are you wanting?

MacBook Pro

Easel Pad Markers

Super Sticky Wall Easel Pads

MacBook Stand for Desk

Ring Light

USB Dock for Multiple USB connections

Flash Drive 2TB

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Storage