November/December Reflection

A Goal of the Education Committee is to build partnerships among the businesses and schools! This year we are emphasizing more education with ways to make it mutually beneficial for both parties. Businesses—you have a marketing opportunity with the PTO, events hosted by the schools that gets your name associated with parents, teachers and kids (your customers now or in the future)!  Businesses you can support endeavors through time—by reading (less than an hour) to elementary students. Role model! Give of yourself. And yes, donations can donate help with Festivals, Fun Runs and Equipment. Schools can call businesses to be a vendor at one of their events or PTO meetings. Maybe light snacks are provided—more people come and this helps your statistics with school rankings, grading etc… so let’s build partnerships! We started in the meeting… High School Ahead is partnering with Farmers Insurance for Lemonade Day!

Schools overall are reaching out to the community to help Post-Harvey victims. Harmony Schools and Houston Community College have an event every other week from October 18 through mid-December… so spread the word. Women of Waltrip group need women to speak to a small group of high school girls–share your experiences so they benefit from your knowledge. Many Career Days are coming with a need of businesses to share aspects of the world to students from elementary to high school level… Scarborough is growing and will have several fundraisers to help with their needs, especially the band.

St. Pius X has their Learning Center opening and had their Fly Over the School with Channel 13 and their football stadium was named for their alum, Gary Kubiack. Garden Oaks Montessori has Read for the Record coming soon and will need volunteers as well as Kathryn Smith Elementary–read to kids … enrich the future… Hartz Chicken is ready to help schools with their fundraisers—call Naro! He spoke about Veteran’s Day at K. Smith.  American Legion Post 560 can help by making all those history lessons come to life–a veteran (young and older) are available to visit your classroom or business and talk–think about it: history; you can support the Post by coming to their Steak Night which is the 3rd Friday of the month ($15 gets you Ribeye, Potato and Salad) or the 4th Friday of the month is Fish Night….proceeds go to help them build a community facility on the location. Northside High School will have their Financial Night and programs beginning in the Spring and Houston Highway Credit Union is coming to assist in this! Houston Heights needs a gym to practice and play in!

How can you partner more with the Chamber? Coming up we have the Crawfish Festival and Parade on March 3, 2018 and a Food Truck fair in April. Noteworthy that we have an Art Car from Garden Oaks along with the Singers, an Eco Car from Harmony along with choir, cheerleaders and more as well as St. Pius X cheerleaders and band, the Scarborough Band and Waltrip for the festival and parade!  Arabic Immersion’s group will play.  We are off to a good start… see how your school can participate; we are celebrating Harvey Hero’s!  Let me know as soon as you can as there are many details to work on.

Scholarship applications are on the website and the Education celebration for May was discussed.   In December the Education Committee will begin meeting at Baptist Temple (the chamber moved and Baptist Temple keeps us central for all the schools); it is about 2 blocks from the bank….The church is located at 230 W. 20th Street between Yale and Rutland.  Our parking lot is located behind the church and accessible from 19th Street.  The main entrance to the building is located on the west side of the building (near the covered drop-off area), and it easily identifiable from both 20th St and 19th St. parking lot.  It will likely be in the “Heritage Room,” which is located on the first floor of the building.  They are providing coffee! See you Thursday, December 14, 2017 at Baptist Temple at 10 am.

Cindy Reibenstein, Education Chair

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