October Reflection

The Education Committee consistently attends to the needs of the schools and businesses and it is through building those partnerships that each finds success. Houston Highway Credit Union begins their financial curriculum instruction at Sinclair Elementary and many other schools are exploring their calendars so they can have the financial reality experience for their students.  Many of the schools were assisted with cleaning supplies as well as some school supplies in order to start the year off but each school could use your experience in the form of mentors, readers, coming to present your business to the PTO–just getting involved!

Washington High School has 10 students going to Zimbabwe in November—they are building the water filtration system and the wind turbine they designed for another education community. Can you help with making this trip possible?  Contact Washington High School today! We would love to have you come and engage with our group; it is a great group of professionals who come together to see how we can help each other for the good of all.  You can make a difference in the lives of students, educators and your business; from this our community will be the better for it.  Come the second Thursday of the month to the Chamber office at 10 am.  See you….

Cindy Reibenstein

Education Committee Chair

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