President’s Message

Dear Members,

We, at the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce, strive to provide our Members with as many platforms possible in which to develop the quality business connections that are necessary for business growth and development.

If you look at our Event Calendar, you will find that our Chamber is second to none when it comes to the number of event concepts that are presented on a monthly basis. (Many of which are either free or of nominal cost to attend!)

We work very diligently to provide these opportunities to our Members because, simply, our Chamber does not exist without them. It is our Members that provide the overall experience. It is our role to provide the outlets in which for them to create it.

In addition to providing these outlets, it is of utmost importance that we make all who participate feel welcome and included in the process. If you are not already a Member, please stop by and see us!

Another major objective that has been and always will remain with us is our obligation to our Greater Heights communities. Education plays an integral role in a community’s success and growth. Throughout our history, the Greater Heights Area Chamber has assisted students, parents of students and educational institutions with both funding and time allotted.

In 2022, we were able to grant 31 scholarships for high school seniors in our communities to attend college, purchase 6 water fountains for a middle school who was in need, contribute to the beautification of the grounds of an elementary school, purchase bus passes for an elementary school so that their students could
receive safe rides home and held several clothing drives for both our middle and high school students.

Although there may be many success stories that we can share, there is always more that can be accomplished. We strive to continue to not only maintain what we have accomplished, but to continually seek out new ways in which we can be of service.

Should you have any questions, ideas in which to share or are seeking guidance, please reach out to me. I am happy to provide assistance in any way that I can.

Sincerest regards,

James Montalbano