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Dear Members,

We are living in momentous times.  Laws are changing, terms are being redefined, and the nation continues to evolve and adapt.  Every generation sees its share of upheaval.  The nation my grandfather was born in- just 2 generations ago- was a nation of segregation, a nation where alcohol was illegal, and a nation where women could not vote.  In his lifetime he saw the government grow to totalitarian proportions under FDR, and be boiled down and consolidated under Reagan.  The economy crashed three times, four if you count the dot-com bust, and each time we recovered it looked a little different.  If you look at today’s America next to the America of his birth you will see two vastly different countries.

Until you look a little closer.  The values and dreams that America was built on remain unchanged.  Our Constitution is still the framework of our government, the Bill of Rights still our values, and the Declaration of Independence is still as moving and emotional today as it was when the fifty six members of the Second Continental Congress signed it on July 4th, 1776 in the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia.  We are, and always have been, revolutionaries.  Some fight to change, some fight to defend, but all are revolutionaries who are working towards to the common good of us all.

Your Chamber is proud to provide a forum to its community where the businesses, the residents, and the government can come together on common ground.  It is an opportunity to meet the people who govern, regulate, and legislate.  It is a way for your voice to be heard, your face to be seen and your presence to be made known.  It is an opportunity to find out how you too can be revolutionary.  The world is made of small things, and small changes beget large ones.  I have long lamented the focus we place on the Presidential election.  The power of the country and the focus of this county has always been local.  your local city council member and the county clerk have far more of an impact on you and your business than who sits in the White House.  Don’t let the weight of the new election cycle be diverted by the inevitable presidential primary circus.

The bottom line, of course is that each of us need to be as informed as we can about the candidates and diligent in helping elect responsible governmental officials mindful of their constituent’s cares and concerns.




Jacob Millwee

Your Chamber President