Sergio is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and emigrated here with his family in 1982.  He graduated from the University of Houston and he is a wealth manager with Sergio Weitzman & Associates and has been in that field for 29 years.

Carolina is an architect with a bachelor from Texas A&M University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Houston.  She emigrated here with her family from Nicaragua in 1980 due to the war in her country.  She has her own Architecture firm, NATEX Architects, started by her father in 1984.  She has owned NATEX since her father retired in 1999.

Sergio and Carolina took a trip to Mendoza, Argentina in 2008 while on a trip to Chile with the Museum of Fine Arts.  In that trip they were acquainted with the project “The Vines of Mendoza” which allows owners from all over the world own, grow and make their own wines.  They bought 6 acres there in 2011 and 2012 and now have a house there in the vineyard.

SERCA in polish means “heart” which they learned when Sergio sent the name to Washington for a trademark. IT was a pleasant and fitting surprise.

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