Small Businesses: The Mainstays of Our Chamber

Chambers of Commerce are comprised of many different levels of members, some large, some mid-size, and the rank-and-file members, small businesses. The Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1988 as a small-business oriented Chamber. Many of the Heights area businesses were, and still are small mom and pop businesses, entrepreneurs and independent business folks. They provide the products and services we need, create the majority of jobs, pay the lion’s share of taxes and selflessly support local causes and charities.

All too often, they are the ones that unlock the door before dawn, close down after dark, then stay up late crafting new strategies to drive revenue, only to lay awake concerned about making payroll. The road they have chosen is far from the easiest, and is fraught with sacrifice and risk for them and their families. Their decisions represent a belief in free enterprise and that hard work will earn its own rewards, yet all the while countering threatening trends involving large box stores, on-line sales and other competitive ventures.

The Chamber salutes our small businesses and provides opportunities where kindred spirits and local entrepreneurs can share their concerns, experiences and referrals. Programs, events, networking and other Chamber activities provide important benefits to small businesses. Coming together in a common progressive environment enables small businesses to learn from other business owners, mentor future business owners, and mutually benefit through association.

Small businesses are the easily visible members of the community. The local sports teams whose uniforms proudly carry the name of a small business sponsor. The area schools are helped with small business volunteers that share their time and resources in helping students prosper. By taking active roles in civic related agendas, the community is strengthened for all.

The Chamber takes pride in serving the needs of all of its members. Without their support the Chamber would not be able to achieve its mission: “To promote and develop business and industry beneficial to the economic viability of the greater Houston Heights area.”


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