Steve Baker

In this spotlight we focus our attention on a “Hoosier”– Steve Baker. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the term Hoosier originated and was in general use by the 1840s, and refers to anyone born in Indiana, a resident, and the name of the Indiana University Athletic Teams. This is where Steve graduated with a B.S. degree. The term is maybe better known as a popular movie title chronicling a heralded basketball team’s road to winning the state Championship.

Steve originally planned to be a Doctor but says, “Organic Chemistry did me in in my sophomore year of college.” After changing his major to business, he found another challenging field that beckoned and it eventually led to the mortgage business. Starting on the wholesale side for 8 years, Steve segued into the retail side of the business. This change of pace would be notable because it has lasted for 23 years. Today he is a mortgage loan officer for PrimeLending with expertise that helps clients who are buying, remodeling or refinancing a home.

Houston claimed Steve in 2011 and he made his residence the Heights. Makes sense because he wanted to get involved in the local community. And get involved he has, so far his Chamber activities include becoming an Ambassador and serving on the HYP Committee. In addition he has become better known by attending literally dozens of Chamber events.

So, what does our Hoosier like to do in his spare time? Well, he enjoys boating with friends, eating at fine restaurants, reading thrillers and drinking good whiskey. Joining another Chamber member, Steve has returned to bowling, a sport he enjoyed ten years ago. With a brother in Houston, he relished the opportunity to watch his nieces growing up, and spending time with his brother and sister-in-law.

Bringing time, enthusiasm, support and participation, both Steve and the Chamber have found his membership to be mutually beneficial. Thanks Steve for joining the Chamber family.

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